I don’t understand. If you’re trying to watch my eyes in the dark, a lantern would help you to see them, wouldn’t it?

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Mr. Mandus was very courteous when we first met, if a bit distant. I would understand why later, but my first impression painted him as a successful, cordial man who kept his business and private life separate.

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Putting aside the fact I am a fully grown man, Alexander was my host. Not my father.

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(Never again will I underestimate the difficulty of trying to doodle in Paint.)

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Torтυre - rp w/ dαɴιeloғмαyғαιr


The dominant creature averted his corrupt gaze toward Daniel, upon hearing his name spoken. Of course, he did not know - until now - that he possesses a designation. The Grunt, however, looked curiously toward the Englishman before turning and exiting the torture chamber. Watching the other Gatherer saunter off, Günther again directed his undivided attention to the human.

"That is my designation, yes." 

Even as Alexander ordered his favored creation to be polite toward daniel, his words hissed out in a growl. It was merely the Brute’s nature to be a.. well.. brute. Turning toward the Iron Madien, he listed for the cries of agony from the prisoner. They were weakened, meaning he was barely conscious.

Moving to the doors of the torture device, the Brute jarred open the door with his normal hand. As he did so, the prisoner stumbled forward and weakly squealed at the sight of what he was facing. Even as he could barely walk; and he was caked with blood- he maneuvered around Günther and stumbled down the stairs. The monster had actually allowed the forger to do so. It was more excitable this way.

Releasing a obnoxious and paralyzing moan, the Brute proceeded to growl in the most terrifying manner possible. The man stumbled on weak knees, eyes double their normal size in complete and utter terror. With one powerful stride forward, and the distinguishable creak of metallic; the large hamstring blade was swung with great force. 

Crimson flashed before the Brute as his blade ripped through flesh, connecting with the smaller being’s side. The bones gave off a sickening snap as he tore through anything and everything. It was mere seconds before the creature’s blade had exited his body. Allowing the trembling, cold form the crumble to the ground, the screams died away; though still reverberated throughout his mind like a distant echo. 

Allowing the blood to remain upon his deathly blade, Günther looked at the quivering and twitching form before him.

This was the first time Daniel could understand the creatures, must less so clearly. It unnerved him in a way that could not be described beyond the goosebumps that trailed up his arms. He nodded in quiet reply to the tall Brute, who stepped forward towards the Iron Maiden. It was time for the finale.

There was no cowering now, no hiding behind his hand in the presence of this monster, watching it tear its victim apart. Alexander could not have anything less from his protege. Any man alive stumbling upon this scene would run for his life, as nightmares became reality here - especially for criminals. Nonetheless what had to be done, had to be done.

The forger mistakenly attempted an escape, but a quick swing of the blade - far less rusted than one would assume - cleaved the man in half. The blood pooled from the mess, with occasional splatters of viscera. It had to be collected - these remains could be useful in their fight against the Shadow, as far as Alexander had told him. Daniel had been equipped with a bottle, pouch, and several tools to extract the remains from the floor and lying corpse.

Once the Brute seemed to be finished, the Englishman stepped forward timidly, before crouching down to the twitching remains. They soon fell still, and he started the process of pulling what remaining blood he could into the glass jar.

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There’s no clear indication at all why she ceased speaking with you? I’m terribly sorry to hear that, I wish I knew the proper words to say. You must allow yourself time to grieve, but don’t let it consume you. Perhaps you may see her again.

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"Each game"? What do you mean by that? The servants were hardly around during my stay. I barely had time to introduce myself, much less get along with them.  They avoided me for the most part, anyway. As for Brutus: he’s an exception, and it was after my time there. He’s doing quite well, all things considered.

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What a difficult question; I’m not sure actually!

My work ethic, perhaps?

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This new way of speaking will always confuse me, though your sentiments are very kind.

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To have one’s own supply of drinking water is remarkable, so I stand by that statement as perfectly reasonable to make.

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