…it’s the other way around-

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I thought about giving this question a witty response. Then I realized it wasn’t worth the effort.

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Actually I do. Unfortunately, the ones I know are directed at children. Well, there is one for lovers but as you might imagine, I’ve never had need for it.

I suppose this one will do nicely. Pardon me, I don’t have a very good singing voice:

Sleep, the bird is in its nest,
Sleep, the bee is hushed in rest,
Sleep, rocked on thy mother’s breast,
To thy mother’s fond heart pressed,
Sleep, the waning daylight dies,
Sleep, the stars dream in the skies,
Daisies long have closed their eyes,

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There’s plenty to do. I read, write, sketch, go for strolls - it all sounds rather mundane, I know.

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Not very long at all. Thirty minutes, usually.

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…well, yes there is.

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A lady to call mine? I’m afraid not.

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Yes, someday.

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My mother is a kind woman. Wonderful cook, wonderful storyteller. She was always a source of kindness during my childhood, and I was grateful to have her.

Hazel, my sister - we played together as often as we were able. She is the sweetest thing. So smart, I remember her dreams of becoming a writer someday. Then she fell ill and I took it upon myself to visit her in hospice whenever I could. Every time I read to her, and from time to time, weaved my own tales for her.

When it comes to my father…I’d rather not say.

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Hide, I suppose. Live out my life in shame and never go outside again. If this happened in the castle, then I would disobey Alexander at every opportunity.

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Both are horrifying in their own right, but the lesser servants got to me more. It was so deformed yet so human. It was as if a prisoner was strapped to the Rack and stretched in every place until it stayed that way.

The damned creature has a jaw that hangs on its chest. When I caught a glimpse of it for the first time, I swore my sanity was slipping. After many encounters since then, the nightmare was altogether realized. It was all real. Very real.

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His brow furrowed at that question. It wasn’t a bad question, but he did once again hesitate, lips pursing in careful consideration. “… Human. Painfully human.”

Then came a very faint sigh, to try and expel the lingering twinge of concern for the other’s well-being; again and again with that reminder that this wasn’t his business, and there really should have been no reason for him to care in the slightest that the brunette didn’t exactly look to be in the finest of conditions. Such was the mental veil created by injured pride and negative reactions.

And anyway, it wasn’t as if Daniel and the Baron were doing anything more than arguing and insulting one-another — at least as far as Oswald could see. Given the past history of the two… it could be, and was almost expected to be, so much worse.

It was better not to think about that. Yes, perhaps he had been too paranoid, too presumptuous.

But the longer that he studied Daniel now, the more he wondered about things he had no business wondering over, including just how far, and how intense, the fellow Englishman’s anger ran. Did it thrive within him? Did it fester? And if so, would it, if provoked or agitated too much, burst free in a most unfortunate way?

It isn’t your issue either way, Mandus, he mentally scolded himself.

"This ‘lonesome wife' will respect your privacy and stay the tongue, but do expect the periodic gauze and bandages to turn up at your door.” Slight joking, of course, but it was something — anything better than leaving on such a somber and disconcerting note.

"Human…" Daniel repeated in nothing louder than a murmur. Could he even call himself that anymore? To be human was to be above a monster, morally sound and complex. If nothing else, the "painful" description of humanity was altogether true, without a shadow of a doubt.

True be told, as his rage began to dwindle to a flickering flame, Daniel wondered if the industrialist truly saw him as a close friend. Even if it was over the line to butt himself into a conflict he had no part in, to do so anyway was indicative of his protective nature of the two parties. To argue is to be invested.

Perhaps in time, the younger man would be able to explain the details of the Brennenburg incident in detail. Visualization was often the key to unlocking one’s empathy.

No information from Daniel himself or Oswald could truly be shared unless it was willingly handed over. It was strange. Deep within the young man, there was a strange inkling.

Don’t let the man before you slip through your fingers. He suffers as you do. You need that understanding.

The corner of the brunette’s mouth turned up a tiny bit at the comment. “In that case, they’re very much appreciated. Bandages and gauze, that is. In time, perhaps the solder can tell his wife how he got each wound. So long as she has the stomach for it.”

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